Pancake City opened in December of 1983 with the desire to provide an any time, every day, any thing you want kind of place for the every man.  Look around you now and you are likely to see students, farmers, truck divers, business men and women, factory workers and families--that is the kind of place Pancake City is.  

Our huge portions of food served with down home service have made us a Kirksville tradition.  Most of our employees have been part of our family for some time--it's not just a job for them, it's their profession. Thank you for your support and for being part of our tradition.




I miss this place terribly! I loved working there, such great people, and AWESOME food! I should be back in town soon and I can't pass up the pecan pancakes! ♥

    --Melanie K.


I've only had breakfast here, but it's awesome. Love pancake city. I get the southwestern breakfast. I just wish I could get tortillas instead of toast. Great biscuits and gravy and pancakes. Great stop for breakfast or late night dining.
    --Ricky N.

I enjoy this place a lot. It's not very expensive, they have great discounts and specials late at night, and its a great spot for college kids that live in and around Kirksville.
    --Brian W.


Pancake City is the GREATEST! The people who work there are awesome and really work hard each and every day to take care of everyone. The food is great and the atmosphere is even better. If you haven't been here before you are seriously missing out!

    --A Fan


I worked for Pancake City some years ago. It is a very family friendly environment.


Went to breakfast the other day after being away from town for several years.  What a delicious breakfast!  It was so good to stop by again.  I noticed Nova's Slinger on the menu; I remember bugging her to make one for me years ago when it wasn't yet on the menu....  
    --John M.

Great place to eat, especially for breakfast, which is available anytime. Try the waffles. Big and fluffy. Great toppings, too.
    --Richard B.